10 Week Minority-owned business accelerator.

For BIPOC, Women and LGBTQ+ owned entrepreneurs ready to take the breaks off of their business.

We help experienced BIPOC and Women owned businesses build capacity, network and scale.

Here's How It Works

Acceler8 is a 10-week interactive program designed to help experienced entrepreneurs scale. This course will give you insights on the “Why, Who, and How” to support your business as it grows.

What can I Expect?

  • Access to our one on one process where we will:
    • Set Core Values, Vision and Mission
    • Go through an exercise to see your company from its highest level so that you can gain in understanding
    • Build a long-term strategic plan

  • Up-to-date books and financial projections

  • Connect with our network of mentors and advisors

  • Access to Community Leaders and Business Professionals

  • Invitation to our private Facebook group

When + Where?

  • Prior to the program beginning, you will be notified of meeting dates and times and expected to attend and participate in all required activities.

  • We see the greatest results from companies that commit time from the outset

How Much?

  • Pricing is on a sliding fee schedule and will be determined after we receive your application.

ACCELER8 Testimonials


  • Must have a desire to scale
  • Must have been in business for at least 3 years
  • Must have at least $100,000 in annual revenue
  • Must meet with our team after submitting an application

Who Is Room 35?

Room 35 is a team of consultants focused on scaling minority owned construction businesses in communities across West Michigan. We have worked with businesses in our community to produce real results. Through our first two years in business we have produced over two million dollars in revenue for our clients and are looking forward to having many more success stories.


Fill out our client intake surveys and have a meeting with our team. We hand select everyone that’s in the program.

Room 35 Partners

Your Vision is Our Passion, Your Ideas are Our Calling.

Let’s make your vision a reality!

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